Our Church at Work


            Our Official Board has been looking for a local mission project that our congregations can support. We believe that mission work is the work of Christians, and of the Holy Spirit. We are hoping that a small local mission project can energize our congregations and will lead to a stronger sense of purpose and directions for us.


          With this is mind; we have decided to support the “Knapsack for Kids” program, which is run by Operation Sharing in Woodstock. This program assists school age children that live in Oxford County to return to school with the necessary supplies that their parents couldn’t afford to provide for them.

          The stated purpose of the program is “to ensure that every child or adult goes to school with the tools necessary for their education”.


How we can participate

            We will provide a box in our churches to collect items needed for the program. A list of items required for the Knapsacks will be posted at the Church bulletin boards and in the bulletins. We will collect items until June 24, 2012. The Knapsack will be distributed to eligible students by August 31st.

          Please consider supporting the “Knapsacks for kids program.


          Other programs that your Church is already supporting include the United Church Mission and Service fund, and the Foster Parents Plan.

          Jesus, in one of his teachings wants us to “Feed my sheep” (John 21 verse 17). Let’s get started.


          Our Official Board wants to encourage anyone to come forward that has ideas or suggestions for our Church. You can contact Rev. Liz, Dave Money, Brent Hutchinson, or anyone else on the Official Board.


Brent Hutchinson

Co-Chair of Official Board